Three Personal Stories


• In 2004 B. came to live in a Shalheveth Apartment after many years of living in a hostel for adults with physical disabilities. He dreamed of being a film producer. In 2009 B. received a grant from Shalheveth to produce the documentary film "Through Thick and Thin" highlighting the story of Meir, who was paralyzed following an accident. The movie has been screened at film festivals in Israel and in the United States.


• At the age of 31, in the middle of an internationally acclaimed musical career, Avi discovered that he had a brain tumor. At the age of 33, he underwent surgery that left him severely disabled. In 2003 Avi moved into a Shalheveth Apartment and today he performs and teaches music, volunteers and is a social activist. His music was recently performed at a conference in the USA and he performed with old friends in Jerusalem in 2020.

• Nofar, an artist and writer, is 33 years old. She graduated with a full matriculation certificate from a regular high school and is completing a BA in Psychology and Education at the Open University. The youngest in her family, Nofar grew up with her parents and 3 siblings at home in the town of Shoham and moved to her apartment in the Shalhaveth Apartment complex seven years ago.

Nofar's artistic journey began at the age of 13 when she transferred from a special needs school to a regular high school. One day her Literature teacher suggested that she write something for the school newspaper, but Nofar refused because she didn’t feel that she had the ability to write. Nevertheless, her teacher persisted and Nofar’s writing soon proliferated. She soon realized that it was a vital way for her to express her feelings and one that she uses more and more, even to the present day. 

In March 2013 Nofar held a poetry and art performance evening at Shalheveth Apartments in which she presented her moving and beautiful pieces and displayed her exceptional artistic talent and ability to all (see a gallery of her work below)


One of Nofar's works of art was chosen to be Shalheveth's logo. 

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